iOS 8.4 beta 1 Jailbreak [Video Tutorial]

Video Jailbreak oleh hacker terkenal di dunia per-iOS-an yaitu Stefan Esser / i0n1c mengunggah video jailbreak tersebut ke youtube tadi pagi.

iOS 8.4 beta 1 Jailbreak [Video Tutorial] (

Baru beberapa hari yang lalu, iOS 8.4 beta 1 diluncurkan untuk  para pengembang atau developer, sekarang sudah terdengar kabar bahwa firmware beta tersebut sudah berhasil di jailbreak oleh hacker terkenal di dunia per-iOS-an yaitu Stefan Esser, atau yang biasa dikenal dengan nama i0n1c.

iOS 8.4 beta 1 Jailbreak [Video Tutorial] ( 8.4 beta 1 jailbroken

i0n1c merilis video bukti jailbreak tersebut ke youtube tadi pagi, berikut pernyataan dari sang hacker, i0n1c:

Hi fellow netizens,

today I am delighted to share this video of a proof of concept iOS 8.4-beta 1 jailbreak that I was working on the last 4 days. Of course this video will trigger haters all over the jailbreaking scene that for some reason believe they can decide what a person is allowed to do or not do with their work. Haters gonna hate. So just ignore the haters and never let them tell you what you have to do. In that regard never let anyone bully you and stop you from showing your own hard work. Peace!

The major vulnerability used in here was found right after the SyScan 2015 security conference when I was relaxing in Singapore from several weeks of training and conferences. The vulnerability itself is however not new to iOS. Instead it is inside the code virtually forever. But the code of this jailbreak has nothing at all todo with the previous CyberElevat0r for iOS 7.1.1 – it does not share a single line of code.

I am not showing persistence or an untether at the moment because something is broken with it. But hey this is just a first proof of concept.

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i0n1c  merilis link unduh dari jailbreak tersebut, karena Stefan berpikir masih banyak yang harus diperbaiki sebelom dirilis ke publik nanti. i0n1c dikenal di dunia per-jailbreak-an sejak merilis jailbreak untuk iOS 4.3.1, sejak saat itu i0n1c tidak terlihat lagi mengerluarkan update-update yang lain. Yah kita tunggu saja kapan rilisnya jailbreak tersebut ke dunia maya.

iOS 8.4 beta 1 Jailbreak Preview 1

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